How Does an Electronic Signature Work?

How Does an Electronic Signature Work: A Complete Overview

The e-signature softwares provides the convenience to organizations and people to collect electronic signatures readily. As a result, they do not need physical documents to obtain signatures and await the clients to revert.

With e-signature softwares, companies can send sensitive documents over to clients to obtain their electronic signatures. A typical e-signature software encrypts the documents to avoid tampering, unauthorized access and uninformed changes to the document.

Interestingly, these softwares are often integrated with different software systems to expedite the day-to-day business processes. Be it CRM software, accounting, HR management suite, ERP systems and others, it syncs with all of them very easily.

These e-signature services are fully legal under the state-wide and federal laws. So, organizations and people can use this tool with a complete peace of mind. The Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act was passed in this regard alongside other acts.   

For those who want to know how does an electronic signature work, we have briefly explained that in a later section.

What Qualifies as an E-sign Application?

Now this part is interesting and before you go about browsing through e-signature services, remember these guidelines first:

  • The recipients and senders can sign documents regardless of their operating system and devices.
  • Share documents that are completely secure and encrypted to ward off outside involvement.
  • It allows live tracking of the documents and notifies users when changes are made to the documents.
  • It establishes the admin rights, which makes sure that control is in the hands of a single party rather than many.
  • It offers online storage and document creation facilities, which allows the parties to review the document at any time.
  • It can be integrated with different organizational softwares.


How to Sign a Document Electronically?

In a few simple steps, you can sign a document electronically with SignOnDoc. The steps are listed below:

· Choose the File

Pick the document that needs to be signed. Import the file on the SignOnDoc platform and you can do that by its drag and drop feature. Make sure it is the right file (that is important).

· Outline the Necessary Details

Now add the signer’s name and your email address. Mark the fields that requires the signatures of the clients/customers so as to avoid back and forth process. More so, the parties can all sign wherever required without your assistance.

· Send for their Signature(s)

All the necessary parties will receive your request to sign the document. They can click your link and proceed to take further action. You should request them to review it first, this will ensure a mutual understanding between the parties.

· Download the Final File

Now that the signees have signed the said document, send them the finalized file that contains all the signatures of the parties. Each party needs to have a copy of the same agreement. This prevents any issues later on.  

Core Features of SignOnDoc

Listed below are some benefits of using this platform:

  • SignOnDoc is not just any random e-signature application available on the internet. It has around 10,000 templates and forms for you to choose. You can also find free of cost legal forms over here and the website is pretty simple to use. You can upload documents instantly and send reminders whenever you need. It is simple and has everything.
  • If you want to send documents anywhere across America, you can do so. There are multiple state-wide and federal acts that have legalized the usage of electronic signatures in business and other communications. If you think you might get in hot waters by using these signatures, you are wrong.  
  • You can get electronic signatures by using the Soda PDF. The documents are very easy to track from this software. You can find out changes and the person who made those changes without any effort at all.
  • SignOnDoc will also provide an electronically prepared file of the changes made and action of parties on the document. You have a complete digital trail, which you can access readily, if need be.   
  • With the authenticity of the participants established, you can do business with them on and off without a second thought.

Salient Features of SignOnDoc

Some of these features will greatly benefit your firm.

Faster payments: With e-signature services such as SignOnDoc, you can fast-track the invoicing and thus receive payments much quicker than before. Gone are the days when you had to wait for a week or two to receive payments from clients.  

Centralized storage of documents: These e-sign applications can help you create an online/offline central repository for the documents. You no longer have to search through folders, files on the desk or even cabinets for that matter. Everything is right in front of you.

Workflow is paperless: SignOnDoc can also be integrated with other softwares that you use. As a result, you do not need to print, scan and send the document to person(s). The participants will be able to sign the documents online and send it over immediately.

Better collaboration: With SignOnDoc as an e-sign application, you can obtain signatures from parties anywhere around the world in a matter of minutes. Keep the projects moving all-round the year.

Save organizational costs: This software will greatly reduce the organizational expenditures on printing paper, ink and expedite the processing time. More so, you can finalize deals and transactions much faster than before.

The Bottom-line

Now that we have covered in detail the ins and outs of an electronic signature software alongside SignOnDoc, we recommend that you use this software for all your signing needs. If you are currently using MS Word to sign documents, you should know that MS Word is not a complete system and lacks key features that you need. Compared to MS Word, it is reliable, easy to use, fast and secure.

Send signed documents via SignOnDoc and track their status at your own leisure along with the changes parties make. With this software suite, you can cover all your bases, expedite processes, save valuable business hours and associated costs.

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