Does Your E-signature Solution have Everything You Need?

Does Your E-signature Solution have Everything You Need? 

That is more a matter of personal preference. There is a range of e-signature software suites in the market, offering different solutions to cater clients’ needs. A classic, handwritten signature seals an agreement. From a legal standpoint, it attests the identity of the person, establishes proof of consent, binding a contract and endorses the information written in the document.

The electronic signature is also the same, with the exception that it is digital. It is an electronic approval of a business interest to agree to a certain agreement or deal involving more than one party. Just as a handwritten signature is legally binding, the electronic signature is also legally acceptable as per the American legislative framework. Other than that, the authenticity of a sign is of central importance along with the identity of the concerned parties.

An electronic signature should not be confused with a digital signature. They are both quite different in terms of their safety protocols.

Legality of Electronic Signatures

A range of acts has passed that approves the usage of electronic signatures. This includes the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN) and Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA). These acts were passed back in 1999 and 2000. After these legislations, e-sign technologies made their first appearance in the industry. This tool became increasingly popular in document-intensive industries (real estate, advertising, law firms).

E-signature solutions that provides the facility of electronic and digital signatures have become quite popular in recent times. Millions of users in the present environment use them. From offer letters, invoices, sales contracts and agreements, they are just about everywhere.

With either digital signatures or electronic signatures, you have the ability to work with clients all over the world. It eliminates the geographical constraints. The files are on the cloud, easily accessible to parties anytime, anywhere. There are many benefits of this unique software tool, which will be explained in a later section.

Features of Electronic and Digital Signature Software Suites

1. The Audit Trails

The e-signature services give a complete electronic summary of the agreement. It will outline any changes made by the parties and will also record signs of the individuals along with their timings. As a result, the concerned parties can collaborate in the future as well.  

2. Permissions

Be it SignOnDoc or any other platform for that matter, it assigns you different permissions with respect to roles. The permission of a signatory will differ from that of a sender. The sender is assigned administrative rights and access to the document, something that others do not have. As a result, they can review, edit and track these documents at their own convenience.

3. Authentication

The e-sign tools uses email addresses to authenticate the signer and sender. To ensure complete security, the users have to use their personal email address and only authorized people can view the documents.

4. Encryption

The communication on such platforms is encrypted. The browsers and web servers ensure secure communication, which prevents any outside interference. This high security makes it near-impossible to break through. The only participants who can view are the ones authorized to do so.  

5. Conformity

Electronic and digital signatures have gained international acceptance. You can sign and seal business agreements under the protection of law. The laws protect the business parties from unwarranted lawsuits and ensures business continues as per usual.

6. Reliability

The e-sign files are available for users via Soda PDF software. Using this, you can track the document and its status. Stay informed about the changes made by the participants. You can even remind them if it has slipped their radar.

Benefits of Electronic and Digital Signature Softwares

With the help of these tools, you can decrease your processing time, eliminate manual reworks and makes it easier to do more during the business hours. Listed below are some of the key benefits of these tools, which will prove to be beneficial for you.

1. Business is Faster

You can sign and send agreements immediately from just about anywhere. Send it to regional or non-regional clients and expect them to revert on the same day as well. Previously, you had to wait for days on-end before agreements were finalized.

2. Higher Efficiency

You can perform manual tasks digitally and it also increases the convenience in business days. As a result, your clients are happy as are you.

3. Decreases Costs of Business

With the adoption of e-sign technology, every passing day, you save tons of organizational expenditures, if not time. As a result, you can annually save some major costs of business and allocate them in other important areas.

4. Sign-in Anywhere and Anytime

That is probably the biggest benefit of all. You can literally sign-in from any device and check out the status of the document from the comfort of your handheld device. That goes for Windows, Android and iOS platforms.

5. Premade Templates

You can save time with ready-to-use templates for sending documents to clients as soon as possible. As a result, if you have comparatively less experience in drafting such documents, templates will take the burden off you.

6. Safe and Secure

Not only the software platform is legally-compliant with US legislative acts, it also promises airtight security. The communication among the clients is encrypted, which prevents any unauthorized access and unannounced modifications to the document at hand.

Does your e-signature solution has everything you need? Now you will have a clear idea about what you want.

The Bottom-line

Get SignOnDoc today. It has all the features mentioned above. SignOnDoc offers an easy and intuitive interface for your business. You do not need to download the software or upgrade your computer to use it. You can use any browser, computer or handheld device to get the job done.

For the world’s leading companies and SMEs, it is a simple but well thought-out software suite to sign and seal agreements. Now they can conduct business anywhere around the world and much more in business days than ever before. Business will never be the same as before.

Get SignOnDoc today.

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